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Mini Trucks = Massive Money Pits?

Do Custom Mini Trucks Have Any Resale Value?
Posted February 7 2008 05:41 PM by 5569 
Filed under: Miscellaneous, Opinions, Truck Opinions, Mini Truckin' Culture

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You have customized your bone-stock mini truck, and now want to sell it. I'm sure you've heard from others that you're throwing your money away by fiddling with your vehicle, but is this ALWAYS the case?

Do you gain or lose when selling a customized mini? Well, I believe there are no clear cut answers, as there are far too many variables to make any absolute statements. Sometimes you make money, sometimes you lose money; it all depends on the particular transaction.

Some variable may include:
1. What is the year/make/model of the truck? It seems that hacking up a newer truck (with a higher resale value) hurts more than cutting into something older (and with less value) to begin with. What make is the truck? Some minis have a higher resale value to begin with; others are a dime a dozen. And, if you bought a cheap hack job to begin with, it may be easier to come out ahead in the end.
2. Who did the work, and what are the nature and quality of the modifications? Generally, it's cheaper to customize your truck at home (rather than taking it to a shop), as you don't think of paying yourself for the labor you put into your own ride. Shops need to make money through parts and labor.
3. How does it run? Having a truck that is well maintained and runs solidly logically works in your favor, compared to a truck that has some fundamental engine/drivetrain problems. Mileage could be a variable, too.
4. Did you have any "hook-ups"? There are tons of ways of acquiring parts, from junk yards to dealerships, used to new, low-end companies to high-end companies, sponsored to full-price. Most rides are probably a combination of hook-ups and rip-offs (haha).  
5. Did you find the right buyer? If there is someone out there who is looking for exactly what you have to offer, you just might be in luck. 

 If you were to sell your custom truck today, do you think you would come out ahead or behind? Would you get more than the Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value of your truck, had you left it stock (assuming you bought it stock)? And if so, would it be enough to cover what you've put into it? 

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