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The Day That Never Came

Just Drive It!
Posted February 2 2010 04:25 PM by 5569 
Filed under: Opinion, Opinions, Mini Truckin' Culture


This is a Mini Truckin' blog that I had been developing in my mind for a few days, articulated perfectly in a Truckin' Magazine article that was originally intended for Sport Truck Magazine. Got it?!

Due to the collapse of Sport Truck Magazine, Truckin' Magazine is in the process of running stories from a road trip that Sport Truck took days before the magazine's unfortunate demise. The quote is the first paragraph of The Pickup Fix-Up Tour, Part 1, and goes like this:

"In our never-ending quest to one-up our friends and their trucks, we've forgotten the real reason we live this crazy lifestyle. The passion to have the biggest rims, lowest stance, and loudest paintjob has clouded our judgment. These days, guys take more pride in the buildup of their truck than they do in actually driving them. It's as if building the craziest truck on earth, no matter how many years it stops you from getting out there and using it, has taken precedence over actually rollin' the boulevard in your beater. We're just as guilty as the next guy of enjoying one side of the hobby and not the other, but we finally made a change this summer."

It seems as if some of us spend all our time living in the future. This future world, epitomized by words like tomorrow, next time, someday, eventually, next year, and next show, is excused because the supposed build will be the sickest, the cleanest, the lowest, the loudest, the coolest, and the most badass truck ever to hit the show scene.

What is the sacrifice for living in this future world? We miss out on the here and now. We miss out on driving to shows now. We miss out on cruising our trucks today. We miss out on the joy of hittin' the road before sunrise to cruise out deep to a show. We miss out on being an average mini trucker with the joy of having an average truck, just like everyone else. Why? Because we will have the BEST - someday. And we will wait for that best - forever.
Eventually, years and years pass, and we find ourselves still borrowing mom's Toyota Previa. Often, that someday never comes. The rumored someday-sickest truck on earth runs out of funds and into drama. It eventually falls to utter hacked-up half-done ruins in a club member's backyard. Are we having fun yet?

I don't know about you, but building the craziest truck on earth is not worth that to me. I'd rather go home and drive my truck tonight. I'd rather not worry myself sick over how much money I'm spending on a crazy truck. I'd rather not worry about someone stealing or vandalizing that truck, either. I'd rather take my truck, dings and flaws included, and collect more dings and flaws driving it across country.

Life is short. Enjoy today. Sure, build your truck, but don't forget to use it.

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