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Mini Truckin' Goes Mini Inspired?

Mini Truckin' to Feature Nissan Cube
Posted April 1 2010 04:19 PM by 5569 
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Mini Truckin

Yup, can you believe it? I didn't think there were enough custom Nissan Cubes out there to do a WHOLE issue on them, but I guess there are. Lame. But it gets even worse...

April 1, 2010 - Irvine, CA - Quote from Mini Truckin' Feature Editorial Director: "In a quest to stay hip, current, and advertiser-friendly, Mini Truckin' has decided to dedicate an experimental whole issue to the trendy new-age mini truck called the Nissan Cube. Extensive studies have shown overwhelmingly that the mini-truck demographic has grown unanimously "*** sick of those *** looking ***-up mini truck hack job features. *** that ***, I'm subscribing to Honda Tuning." Since we want to please our demographic, and are likewise running out of traditional mini trucks to feature, we are left with no choice but to experiment with specials on vehicles such as, but not limited to:  Suzuki Kizashi, Toyota Prius, Scion xB, Honda Element, and Honda Civic. Surveys don't lie."      

Perhaps the much-anticipated shift to mini-inspired rather than true mini truck has come!

Simply put, the bottom line of what I heard in a meeting is that we are out of mini trucks to feature. We have scoured the planet for every customized S10, Tacoma, B-Series, Hilux, etc., and have assuredly found and featured them all, leaving no option for the next issue but the Nissan Cube. Even Japan and Australia are all out of cool trucks. I don't buy it, do you? 

This is both an exciting and scary time for hardcore mini truckers, but ultimately inevitable, I suppose.

We suggest you consider an xB tattoo rather than B2200 tattoo.

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