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The Greatest Threat To Mini Truckin
Posted April 22 2010 09:48 AM by 5569 
Filed under: Opinion, Observations, Truck Observations, Mini Truckin' Culture

Mini Truckin'

The greatest threat I see to mini truckin, even above the diminishing availability of true mini trucks, is the shrinking interest future generations might have in building and playing with mini trucks. These "kids" (following us high 20s/low 30s mini truckin' cohort) are growing up in a different world than we did. Bombarded with social networking sites, gaming systems, cell phones, television, iPads, and so on, I wonder if this next generation is too preoccupied with the virtual world to be interested in anything mechanical or physical. Have they had any exposure to mini trucks in their high school parking lots? Do they have the desire to tear apart a truck with their buddies? Do parents allow this kind of creativity, or do they actually prefer their kids and teens sit in front of the computer all day?

 I was never allowed to have Nintendo growing up, and I'm thankful for it. I was exposed to sports and nature from the very beginning, and that has stayed with me and shaped who I am today. I can remember calling home from a pay phone to be picked up from track practice, in high school! I took notes by hand in college.  My brother and I spent our childhood racing our tricycles, playing in the mud, and harassing the family dog. Once we grew up more, our focus shifted to the mini trucks, bicycles, and dirt bikes.

Check out this blog called "Wii Mechanic and the Next Generation." Let's meet the next generation where they are - online, on the phone, and in front of the TV. I think it's a great idea, IF it gets them interested and curious to go build something or DO something. Parents, expose your kids to cars and trucks at an early age. Work on a project car with them. When they're older, help them fabricate their mini trucks. Don't get mad at their truck parts strewn here and there. It's healthy compared to boredom, obesity, and obsession with a virtual world.   

What do you think the greatest threat to mini truckin' is, and what is the solution?

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