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KAIK Chevy S10 Billet Door Speaker Grills

Posted June 24 2010 02:10 PM by 5569 
Filed under: Bloody Knuckles, New Truck Accessories

8 - Installed Billet Door Speaker Grill

Installation Procedure

Step 1- Remove the door panels.  If this process has been mastered, skip to step 2.  For first-timers, this can be helped along with the proper tools to prevent damaging the delicate clips that hold the panel to the door assembly.  A two-pronged panel-popper and window crank removal tool make this job much easier.  Both these tools can be purchased at a local auto parts store. 

The door panels are held in place with a series of bolts.  The most obvious is the door handle bezel screw.  Pull the handle out as if the door were being opened and remove the philips screw and bezel assembly.  Beneath the door pull area, there are two 8mm head bolts that come out easily with a nut driver or ratchet.  If the truck has manual windows, sandwich the window crank removal tool between the crank and the plastic washer.  There is a wire clip that secures the crank to the shaft that needs to be pushed out starting from behind the extension of the window crank.  In other words, the tool will be placed behind the crank arm, but in the same angle as the arm.  The clip can be pushed out and the handle will fall off.  A tip is to not push too hard on the clip as it can pop out of place and take flight, never to be found again.  Once the arm is removed, replace the clip in the arm and set it aside for reinstallation.  If the vehicle has power door locks, remove the switch panel from the door and unplug the harnesses and set it aside.

The panel popper can then be inserted between the door and the panel.  The door panel is secured to the door assembly with plastic push pins that are very fragile and often break.  They can be replaced with aftermarket pins, usually available at local parts suppliers.  The panel popper allows even pressure around these pins and keeps them intact longer.  Pull the panel away from the door until all the pins are unclipped.  To separate the panel from the door, pull up and it will come off easily.  Another tip - there is a push pin in the "sail fin" or a-section of the door near the outside mirror that needs to unclipped as the panel is removed.

Step 2- Remove the door speakers from the stock plastic mounts and set them aside.

Step 3- Remove the stock speaker pods that are mounted to the door with four rivets.  These can be drilled out or broken with relative ease and the mount can be separated from the door.  The purpose for this is to modify the stock speaker pods' depth, as most aftermarket speakers will hit the billet grill and prevent the door panel from fitting correctly.  They can be modified by removing about 1/2" from their depth.  Using a reciprocating saw or jig saw, cut the standoff from the flat flange.  Then, using shears or aviation snips, cut the desired amount (approximately 1/2") from the standoff.  Once cut, the modified standoff can be reattached to the plastic flange using epoxy or high temp hot glue.  Once completed, reinstall the modified speaker pod to the door using self tapping screws near the OEM rivet locations. Finally, reinstall the speaker in the modified pod and check for function and clearance to the window slide mechanism behind the speaker.

Step 4- The stock plastic door panels need to be modified to accept the KAIK billet speaker grills. This is accomplished with a dremel tool or small cutoff wheel.  Cut the OEM plastic grill near the base, being careful not to cut the small flange that creates a void on the factory panel.  After the grill has been cut and removed, grind the plastic flat so the billet grill can sit flat with the panel, being very careful not to hit the exposed plastic that will show once the grill is installed.

Step 5- The hardware that comes with the KAIK grills has no practical use in this application.  The proper hardware needed for this application consists of 8 1/4-20 bolts about 5/16" long.  Insert the bolts and the large washers provided in the kit from the backside of the panel, securing the grill in place.  This new hardware allows the grill to clear the modified speaker pod and speaker without issue.

Step 6- Reinstall the door panels opposite installation making sure the new billet grills clear the speakers and are centered and oriented as desired.

1 - Cut standoff from flange


2 - Modify speaker pod depth
3 - Reattach
4 - door
5 - Reinstall pod to door
6 - Modify Door Panel
7 - Install Grill


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