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Ms. Meguiar's Day - The Inside Scoop

Posted September 23 2010 06:37 PM by 5569 
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When I think of Meguiar's, I think of quality car care products that give me the passion to care as much about my mini truck today as I did 10 years ago when she was brand new.

2010 Meguiar's New Products

Shoot, the classroom and garage at their World Headquarters motive me in general, period. And no, they didn't pay me to say that. Today, Meguiar's graciously hosted a Ms. Meguiar's Day at their Irvine, California, World Headquarters, for ladies only. This was a chance for us "car guy" car girls, spoiled by coffee and bakery items, to learn more about car care as it pertains to women. In the comfort of Meguiar's classroom (yes, they made us sit in the front, and yes, there was a quiz), we were barely able to scratch the surface before our time together ended.  

Since this day was dedicated to women, everything had a girl/women emphasis. Did you know that 40% of women shop with intention compared to 33% of men? Shopping with intention means that they know what car care products they want to get before going to the store. Women generally are a little more vocal and put more time into investigating products beforehand than guys do. The women that do care about clean cars seem to care about clean houses and desk spaces and so on, so it's a personality trait that overflows into various areas of life. (That's my opinion.)    

The two big topics we discussed (and that are important at Meguair's) are education and convenience.

Regarding education, many women (just like you guys!) see a wall full of car care products and don't know what to use. The folks at Meguiar's are constantly asked what to use to accomplish goal x, y, or z. Using the wrong product results in making no difference at all and thus disappointment, or, worse yet, results in doing damage. So, a big part of today's presentation covered what to use on different surfaces, particularly in regards to interiors. It is all about (1) evaluating the surface, (2) choosing the right product, and (3) using good technique. Easy, right!

Example #1: don't use an interior protectant product (used to restore and protect vinyl, rubber, and plastic) on your navigation screen. Use the Quik Interior Detailer. Example #2: be careful with your perforated leather. Some leather cleaner/conditioners leave a white residue that looks nasty and clogs the pores so your seat heaters won't work. (Dream on, I know.) Example #3: household odor-eliminating products won't work in cars, because of the closed space, high heat, and high humidity combination. And we all know that air fresheners can make your mini truck's interior smell good and then suddenly nasty. For this reason, I'm stoked to try out their Odor Eliminator. 

Regarding convenience, Meguiar's understands that chicks are busy gals, juggling jobs, husbands, kids, bagged trucks, and often so much more. We all struggle to find time to clean our babies (vehicles, that is). I'm convinced I'm the worst owner in the world! To mitigate this time issue, Meguiar's has many products that come in a spray and wipe form. We pretty much have no excuse.     

In closing, it's time we step up the game and keep our frame-draggin' delights shiny. For those who have no shine, still keep them clean with Quik Detailer or Quik Interior Detailer. Ladies, your guy will love you even more if take initiative in shinin' their ride. It'll make for good quality time together, and you'll feel good when someone checks out their ride because of how GOOD YOU made it look. Remember, you're likely much better at cleaning than he is; he needs your help. And for all of you ladies who rock your own mini truck (such as myself), power to you! Toss your man a microfiber towel and tell him he has one option - get to work. Or, leave him at home and cruise with a girl friend instead. Dang it feels good to be a girl.

Finally, remember the 5 Step Paint Care Guide (with paralleling "girl talk" skin care example):
1. Washing - getting the loose dirt off
2. Surface Prep - exfoliating
3. Polishing - lotion
4. Protecting - sunblock
5. Maintaining - touch ups

Corey Smith321
Corey Smith321

Oh wow, that truck suspension sure looks like it has gone through some rough times.  Well, what tools would someone use to put that truck suspension back in place? It seems like doing a truck suspension repair such as that would take quite some time to get done. 

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