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2010 West Coast Nationals - Friday's Account

Posted October 21 2010 03:57 PM by 5569 
Filed under: Editorials, Past Truck Events

Bed full of river run gear

Parker bound!

If and when shows become an obligation and more of a burden than fun and you become passionate about other things in life, it's okay to sit a few out. With that being said, 2010 had been a dry show season for me, as I had only gone to one show, Relaxin' in So Cal. However, I definitely knew that West Coast Nationals was one that I didn't want to miss. I was due for a show and super excited.

Plans included driving my 1999 Chevy S10 to the show, because that's just how I roll. (If there's a truck show, I like to have my truck, because driving my truck makes me happy.) This seemed logical enough to me, but obviously posed a few obstacles. Upon attempting to take the truck to my parents for an oil change, front driver's side tire change, and general prep, things came to a standstill as the truck was completely dead. Yes, driving my truck makes me happy, so the fact that it was dead from not being driven enough made me sad. Charging the battery and driving the truck solved that problem. Nothing major was done to the truck, as it is a road-worthy daily driver and it was too late to drastically adjust something that wasn't broken.

Friday morning, September 24, 2010, my co-pilot Jason and I tackled the next problem: limited bed space (and no spare cab space) due to the 12 gallon tank, 3 amps, 2 compressors, and step notch. In fact, we feared that the tonneau would prevent even an ice chest from fitting. Luckily, it all worked out, and our jigsaw-puzzle-master Jason arranged the weekend's gear (tents, clothes, tools, ice chest, food, camera gear) perfectly.     

We departed from Southern California for Parker, Arizona at a comfortable time of about 10:30AM, avoiding rush hour. I don't remember how long the almost-300 mile drive took, but it was a good drive consisting of a lunch stop at an A&W. With no air conditioning, it was a hot drive. The drone of the truck and the rolled-down windows made it hard to talk or listen to music. None of that mattered; we were crusin' and what could be better? The truck behaved nicely. In fact, we didn't have to make any pressure adjustments the whole way there, which was surprising considering the truck definitely loses tank pressure. I think the hot weather compensated for pressure-loss. We stayed cool with a pressurized mister, an awesome invention from our childhood that was actually cool - no pun intended.

We went grocery shopping at the Walmart in Parker. This way, we'd have fresh ice. For dinner we decided that one of those hot pre-baked chickens would be delicious for once we were settled into La Paz Park.

We hit the park at a time when there was no line. After they checked the truck for dead bodies and machetes, our next objective was to find Bernie, our Mini Truckin' moderator, who had graciously agreed to make room in his kickin' camp for our solo truck. Right as I was describing what we were looking for, Jason pointed to the left and sure enough, Bernie's truck was a few feet away.

After setting up camp, we pulled our chairs up to the main little road to relax and watch the action. Yes, "roughed it" because missing out on the action is lame. It was a gorgeous night; perfect weather. So far so good! Yes, everything was going perfectly according to plan. 

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