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2010 West Coast Nationals - Saturday's Account

Posted October 22 2010 03:15 PM by 5569 
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In the way again

Saturday (but not Sunday) morning started early with the sound of a few healthy boats making passes on the Colorado River.

The instant I heard it, I was very done with sleeping and couldn't wait to get to the river's shore the watch the activity and enjoy the morning. The mild temperature and nice breeze didn't last long after sunrise, unfortunately. I feared the early breeze might indicate a windy day, but that wasn't the case. For those that don't like the sound of boats at sunrise - live a little! Don't drink so much the night before. These people are probably the same ones that are repelled by the sound of a V8 truck cruising the desert at sunrise.

Soon, we spotted our favorite body-dropped-square-body-Ford-Ranger-Japanese-mini-trucker, Tomo, who had been solo on the road all night and was understandably a little tired. The fact that he made that drive makes all of you who were too afraid to drive anything to Parker without AC look like big babies. He could see the ground, spinning driveshaft, and rolling wheels underneath him. When most say they "might" roll out, that means no. With Tomo, that means he'll definitely arrive, nomatter what.

Since the roll-in line was a little long, we decided to hit switches on Tomo (who was in line) and cruise the grounds. All the trucks in line looked so sick as we rolled by going the opposite direction. We played until the truck smelled "warm," which was the indication that the EDC had probably had enough action for the moment. It was boiling hot for a little bit, which is okay.

We eventually busted out the cameras, knowing that we had a limited window to catch the trucks on the field. I'm confident that between Jason and I, we snapped a picture of everything on the field. Be sure to check out all 3 parts of the show coverage. It was so very hot, but that's okay. After that, we found relief in the river. There was a park bench midway in the water, which provided the perfect, cool place to chill and watch all the rad boats go by. Money, money, money!

We set up the video camera to capture the trucks leaving the field. We chilled in the shade, keeping an eye on the camera and enjoying the action. We were glad these guys didn't bonk our camera (although it would have been really funny). Those hydros sound sick huh!

Then we explored the nearby Blue Water Casino a little bit before hitting up Walmart again for more ice. In the parking lot we randomly happened to run into Tomo. He agreed to come to dinner with us at a local Mexican place with delightful air conditioning, food, and drink.

Back at the La Paz grounds, we mounted a Go Pro camera on the truck and cruised a few laps. It's been years since I've done that! We gave out many Mini Truckin' stickers, because likes to share. After tucking the truck in, we enjoyed the night's festivities, including the glow-sticks-in-the-tree activity. What a beautiful Avatar tree! We followed the sound of music until we found a concentrated area of mingling and assorted dancing. We ran into a few more friends there, so that was cool.

We returned to the Avatar tree and called it a night.

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