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Eastwood Company's Spot Weld Kit

Posted April 13 2012 09:38 AM by 5569 
Filed under: Truck News, Used Truck Accessories

Spot Weld Kit for DIY Auto Enthusiasts

 The Eastwood Company has engineered a revolutionary, new Spot Weld Kit that produces professional spot welds using just a MIG welder.

This first-of-its-kind kit combines Spot Weld Pliers and a unique Spot Weld Nozzle to help do-it-yourselfers produce full-penetration, OE-look, spot welds from one side of the repair panel.
"Prior to the launch of the Eastwood Spot Weld Kit, the only options the DIY auto-restoration enthusiast had were expensive, 'spot weld only' tools, resistance welders, or plug welding. There were no other options on the market that were economical and assured a perfect spot weld every time," said Mark Robidoux, Spot Weld Kit creator and Eastwood product manager.
The new Spot Weld Pliers have forked jaws that securely clamp two panels together and properly position the Spot Weld Nozzle, ensuring factory-correct spot welds that are functional, with full penetration on the back side of the weld. The Spot Weld Nozzle has "leg extensions" that create the exact standoff distance required for spot welding of 20- and 18-gauge steel.
"Specifically, spot welding is accomplished by clamping two panels together and fusing them with a number of welds sequentially-placed to hold the panels together, rather than a continuous bead," commented Robidoux.
"A perfect spot weld will be completed by following three simple steps..." Robidoux explained.
1)    Attach the Spot Nozzle to the Eastwood 175-amp MIG Welder (or any other 220-volt MIG using a Tweco(r)-style gun);
2)    Set the MIG to the highest power setting and 1/3 wire speed;
3)    Finally, clamp the Spot Pliers over the desired area, insert the Spot Nozzle between the pliers' forked jaws, pull the trigger and hold for three seconds, then release.
"Then simply move on to the next desired spot, and you'll be creating exact duplicates of the spot welds," instructed Robidoux.
For MIG welders running on standard 110 volts, the kit includes HSS drill bits for drilling pilot holes in the top panel to help achieve a strong, fully penetrated weld.
Eastwood's newly launched Spot Weld Kit now gives DIYers an economical, consistent welding system they can easily use to help replace automotive sheet metal such as quarter panels, rocker panels, floor pans and general patch panels.

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